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September 27

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Let There Be Peace Now

Be a Contender for the Faith

We Were Born to Teach

1      World Government: Who has the Master Plan Today?

There is a blueprint for world government that will bring peace and prosperity to all. You might be surprised by its source!

2      Are We Going to Heaven?

The prevailing belief among mainstream Christians is that the faithful will go to heaven when they die. Have you looked into the Bible to see what God says about the reward of the saved, the true followers of God? What you find might shock and surprise you!

3      Was Satan Created? 27:45

What is Satan, where did he come from and what is he doing now? Many believe he is a goat-like creature with horns and cloven hooves who resides in an underground fiery hell where he torments his victims day and night. But is this what scripture tells us? Join Charles Bryce and follow along in your own Bible to find out exactly who and what "that great dragon, the serpent of old" really is.