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May 17

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Learning to Be Content

First Things First

America in Decline

1      Always Tell the Truth

Most people believe there are different kinds of lies with different degrees of seriousness. Some will tell a “little white lie” without giving their actions a second thought. Is lying really that big of a deal? You might be surprised to find out what your Creator and your Bible have to say about it.

2      Recapture True Values

Art, music, literature can all be timeless. What about standards and character? Are there values that stay the same no matter the situation, time period, location or environment?

3      As for Me and My House Part 2 1:02:46

Without the Bible as a basic foundation for moral truth, the United States is deteriorating. How much pain and suffering will the nations of the world have to experience before accepting true moral standards which lead to happiness and abundant living? | Part 2