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June 26

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EnviroPig and Frankenfish

Look Up and Think Big

1      The Wonderful Gift of Music

It’s not just for teenagers with iPods and earplugs. The capacity to enjoy and appreciate music is a gift God has given to all humankind. It can bring joy, comfort and inspiration, and is a powerful medium for expressing worship to God. When is the last time you gave some thought to this wonderful gift of music?

2      Always Tell the Truth

Most people believe there are different kinds of lies with different degrees of seriousness. Some will tell a “little white lie” without giving their actions a second thought. Is lying really that big of a deal? You might be surprised to find out what your Creator and your Bible have to say about it.

3      The Trinity 1:03:41

Many believe God is a trinity but where did this teaching come from? Does the Bible validate the doctrine of the trinity? Join Ross Abasolo, search your own Bible and PROVE whether this doctrine that most main-stream churches teach is biblical. You can understand what God truly is!