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January 8

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Peace at Last

1      Are We Going to Heaven?

The prevailing belief among mainstream Christians is that the faithful will go to heaven when they die. Have you looked into the Bible to see what God says about the reward of the saved, the true followers of God? What you find might shock and surprise you!

2      Let There Be Light 1:04:50

In today's spiritually dark world, we have the opportunity to be bright and glowing beacons of light. But how can we fight the power of darkness? Learn more about the tools we must use to become positive examples for God and bearers of the armor of light.

3      Four Steps to Living Faith 1:04:54

Each and every one of us has certain absolute physical needs that must be met in order to survive. Similarly, Christians also have definite spiritual needs that must be met in order to stay alive spiritually. Join Charles Bryce to learn more about your spiritual health and how to acquire true living faith.