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August 24

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Legacy of Character

The Ninth Commandment

Always Tell the Truth

1      Commitment

In a world where commitments are not taken seriously, it can be easy to lose sight of what we promised God when we were baptized. Are you committed?

2      The Seventh Commandment 29:00

In the continuing series on the Ten Commandments, evangelist Charles E. Bryce elaborates on the seventh commandment. This God-mandated law is a guide to a happy marriage, a happy home and a happy family. Any immoral behavior, spousal abuse and life endangerment violates God's law and is sin. The inevitable result is pain, heartache and ultimately tragedy!

3      Milk of Human Kindness

"Nice guys finish last" is a familiar saying. What price is our society paying for devaluing kindness and compassionate concern for others? Charles E. Bryce tells us what we can do to replace selfishness with kindness.