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November 22

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A Zest for Life

Y'all Be Particular

The Only Way of Escape

1      First Things First

“Seek you FIRST the kingdom of God and His righteousness,” God commands us in Matthew 6:33. We need to make sure that the Great God, the True Source of life and of all things good, is the top priority in every area of our lives. The Kingdom of God awaits those who make it their primary focus!

2      Asking the Right Questions

History is replete with incredible achievements that occurred because somebody asked the right question. How can we learn to ask the right questions and reap the benefits?

3      Be a Spiritual Tree 1:07:30

A tiny seed might not seem like much but under the right conditions, that seed can grow into something glorious. We can learn many helpful lessons from the parallels of this growth and the growth in us as Christians.