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June 24

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Psalms - Chapters 101-103

Instant Society

1      Y'all Be Particular

Are we putting in quality effort and striving for excellence? Or are we settling for mediocrity? The Bible describes the way of life that strives for the highest standard of character and truth.

2      Four Prophecy Pitfalls 29:00

Prophecy is commonly understood as predicting or foretelling the future. Events soon to occur that are shrouded in mystery and filled with intrigue. Many associate prophecy with a grim future of fear, doom and gloom, the end of the world. You may surprised to find out what prophecy actually is.

3      Momentum 54:17

Momentum is used in physics, and it is defined as mass in motion. Listen and follow along so that we learn how to build and develop spiritual momentum in our daily lives.